Mission Trip October 2022

What an incredible trip we had this past week in Mozambique. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

We would like to thank a few people:
Thank you to
Bibles Beyond Borders for donating Xitsonga and Portuguese bibles. The communities we have given it to were so grateful and the pastors can read the Living Word to their congregations.
Thank you to Ministry of Hope and Tanien Maize Mills for sponsoring maize meal, the communities appreciated it so much!

Thank you to our partners who helped support us. Your contributions enables us to go out and spread the Gospel 🙏🚴
And lastly, yhank you to our team members who went with us and endured 42°C heat, your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. We look forward to our bigger projects that we have planned for 2023.

Glory to God – Glória a Deus