Christ Mission Life is a missions ministry based in South Africa with an emphasis on
ministry and upliftment work in Africa. We are focused on bringing the kingdom of God
and His glory to African nations, as well as locally in South Africa.

We are an independent NPC with friends and team members from different
denominations and backgrounds who partner with us. We believe in unity and working
together for God’s glory. We learn and grow together in unity as the church was
intended to do, instead of drawing lines and pushing people away because of different

We focus on leadership training, evangelism, tending to the poor and suffering,
children’s ministry, missions training and more.

We strive to make His name known and to see His light shine brightly by becoming His
vessels on this earth, made in His image to represent Him as best we can.

We choose Love over hate, Joy over sadness, Humility over Pride, Integrity over
deception and Truth over lies.

We love because He first loved us.